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Get top class CCTV installation and the world’s best security equipment – at unbeatable prices…

With property theft, burglary, assault, and vandalism stats all soaring, it’s crucial to secure your personal safety, and the security of your family or staff, premises, and assets.

A qualified London based domestic electrician, and Qualified CCTV installer, I can provide you with a thorough installation service and the latest security equipment – giving you the total peace of mind you require.

As a HikVision Certified Associate, I’m able to offer you a great deal on the latest, most technologically advanced CCTV equipment. HikVision systems are ranked number 1 in the world for surveillance, guaranteeing you first class security you can consistently monitor – even when you’re away from home, on your mobile phone.

CCTV acts both as a deterrent, by being a visible symbol of vigilance, and a failsafe monitoring system, that will alert you immediately to any potential security breach.  Statistics show having a CCTV system in place is ten times more effective than just having a burglary alarm on its own.

Whether you require a security system to protect your family, monitor your staff, guard your assets, or secure your premises – I can help.

With my complete service you can benefit from…

  • A Qualified Domestic Electrician – experienced, with first class attention to detail
  • Qualified CCTV Installer – thorough, meticulous service
  • Trusted HikVision Certified Associate – get access to the best equipment on the market
  • Highly competitive prices – purchase top quality equipment at wholesale costs!
  • Complete installation and equipment package – all you need to be fully protected


Contact me now on 020 7965 7473 to discuss your individual requirements, and I’ll let you know how I can help, as well as what system will suit your needs best.  I’ll also give you the most competitive quote currently available on the market.